Indian Railways records best safety performance last year

  • Indian Railways has registered the best ever safety record during April 2019 – March 2020.
  • There has been no fatality of any railway passenger in any train accident for around 15 months from April 2019 to this day.
  • The railway system was introduced in India 166 years ago in 1853.
  • This remarkable feat has been achieved for the first time.
  • Following are some major measures taken by Indian Railways to enhance safety.
    • Elimination of manned level crossings
    • Construction of Road over Bridges (ROBs)/ Road under Bridges (RUBs)
    • Rehabilitation of bridges
    • Highest ever renewal of rail tracks
    • Highest ever supply of rails during the year from SAIL
    • Effective track maintenance
    • Stringent monitoring of safety aspects
    • Improved training of railway staff
    • Improvements in the signalling systems
    • Use of modern technology for safety works
    • Switching over to modern and safer LHB coaches from the conventional ICF coaches
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